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Take a Break and Allow the Magic to Unfold

I've recently returned to swimming, and it feels incredible. I've always loved the water and the sensation of gliding through it.

Today, as I was swimming my lengths, I decided to experiment a bit with my mindset. Instead of focusing on performance, I set the intention to simply enjoy the experience. This shift in mindset removed the pressure, and as I surrendered to the ease of the moment, my form improved. Surprisingly, it felt less exhausting. I realized that I was swimming in alignment—smoothly and efficiently—and I was actually faster.

At one point, I decided to take a BREAK before continuing with the second half of my swim. After a few minutes of rest, I went back into the water feeling even stronger, more in tune with the flow, and rejuvenated.

We often think we need to push through without taking breaks, but the truth is, breaks are incredibly important. They allow us to integrate what we've learned and create space for new, possibly more creative approaches. And by taking a break, I don't mean distracting yourself with social media or TV.. and also we don't always have to sit cross-legged and meditate—just be present!

Take breaks and stop resisting. Embrace the flow, and you might find yourself not only enjoying the process more but also becoming more effective in whatever you're doing.

Be present with what is in front of you right now.

For me today, it's sitting on the deck, having coffee and cake 😊.

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