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How to feel feelings?

Updated: Jun 24


The misconception in society:

You are strong, you have everything together/under control when you don't show your feelings. You are weak if you are emotional.

It's NOT a sign of strength to suppress your feelings.

It's a sign of fear of losing control, of being overwhelmed, of the unknown, and of not knowing how to handle your feelings once you've opened Pandora's box.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Feelings need to be acknowledged.

If you don't allow them to be felt, they won't disappear but will lurk in the background.

Once you allowed them to be there without pushing them away, they will vanish.

If you don't allow them to be felt, you cannot heal.

If you don't allow them to be felt, you keep yourself stuck.

If you don't allow them to be felt, you will build up resentment.

HOW to feel your feelings?

✔ Step 1: Pay Attention and become the observer

Instead of pushing uncomfortable feelings away (most of the time we are not even aware that we are doing this) connect with yourself and pay attention to what is happening in your inner world.

How can we connect with ourselves?

It is as simple as 〰 PAUSE 〰


Stop doing what you are doing and create space around you and within you. Give yourself space to feel your feelings.

Look inward and describe for yourself what you can perceive:

  • What is coming up?

  • How do I feel?

  • Where can I feel it?

  • How does my body feel?

  • Are any sensations coming up?

  • Do I feel some tightness?

  • Do I feel wide open?

✔ Step 2: You are all welcome

Once you have noticed what is happening internally you became AWARE.

Awareness is the first step to any kind of healing!

Welcome the feelings, welcome the pain, welcome everything that comes up. Do not fight against it! You are stronger than you think, let it wash over you.


Allow and accept whatever comes up in that moment.

Feel the sadness, feel the anger, feel the disappointment, feel the fear, ..

〰 Let yourself cry when you feel the urge to cry.

〰 Let yourself be angry when you feel angry.

Crying is a detoxification of pent-up emotional energy.

Suppression is the opposite of healing.

Emotions are energy in motion!​​ Let your emotions flow through your body.

Emotional energy can be thought of as water flowing through a riverbank. The emotional state is the feeling and the way it flows within us. Find a way to let the water flow through you instead of holding it in.

THE BREATH is a powerful tool that can help you move your emotions:

  • Focus on your breath, observe your breath

  • With every inhale and every exhale you get closer to yourself

  • Let your emotions move through your body

  • Breathe in LOVE & breathe out everything that no longer serves you

The BREATH is your anchor.

It is always with you. It is always available.

✔ Step 3: Let it go

Once you have acknowledged and felt your feelings, don't hold on to them anymore. Now you can let them go without suppressing them. You have honored your emotions, now they can go.

✔ Step 4: Change & shift your energy

Nurture yourself - go for a walk, eat, listen to music, dance, etc.

Shake your body,

Shake yourself free.

Allow yourself to notice your feelings, do not push them away.

Mantra: I am safe to feel

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