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So scary, so scary - those were the moments when I felt like I was losing myself.

So scary, the moments when I felt like I was losing myself. I no longer knew who I was, how I could return to myself, whether I wanted to return to myself, who I should be.

The feeling of being lost had visited me many times in my life. Sometimes it was a profound sense of confusion about my essence, and other times, it came in waves, like the changing seasons, reminding me that I was feeling a little bit lost again.

In those moments of deep inner turmoil, I often went through significant transformations and life changes.

What I've learned along the way is that resisting these forces of change doesn't make them disappear; it only makes the journey more challenging. Allowing it to happen and letting go of control are vital steps in the process.

I have discovered that the more I cling to my old, supposedly familiar self, the more difficult it becomes to rediscover who I really am.

I see life as a journey of self-discovery, a path that leads us closer to our core, our authentic selves. Along the way, we accumulate masks and unconscious programs that run in the background, making it challenging to discern our true identity.

However, difficult situations and life events can serve as catalysts for self-discovery. They prompt us to reevaluate our desires, find what truly brings us happiness and fulfillment, and define how we want to live our lives.

For me, romantic relationships have played a significant role in the process of losing and finding myself. I was forced to confront parts of myself that I had long ignored or forgotten, and this opened up the possibility of uncovering new layers of my identity.

It's during these moments of loss and upheaval that we have a chance to reconnect with our core values and desires.
We can reevaluate our goals, dreams, and aspirations. We can let go of the expectations that others have placed upon us and truly listen to our inner voice.

As I embrace the unknown and let go of the fear of losing myself, I discover that there's incredible freedom in surrendering to the flow of life.

I begin to understand that these periods of transformation are not something to be feared but celebrated. These are the moments when I shed my old skin, revealing a truer version of myself underneath.

So, my advice to you is this: Don't be afraid of those moments when you feel lost.

Embrace them as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Trust that, by letting go of control and resisting the urge to hold onto the past, you will find yourself again, and you will be stronger and more authentic than ever before.

Life is a journey of shedding old layers to reveal the beautiful essence of who you truly are.

Losing Ourselves to Find Ourselves

It is precisely in this feeling of being lost that we have the opportunity to find ourselves.

Losing ourselves can be a humbling experience. It can strip away the layers of identity we've constructed over the years, revealing the core of our true selves.

To rediscover the essence of who we are, it is important to engage in self-reflection.

We can ask ourselves questions like:

👉🏾 What makes me truly happy?

👉🏾 What are the beliefs and principles that guide my decisions?

👉🏾 What are my passions and interests that bring me alive?

👉🏾 What fears or doubts have held me back from pursuing my desires?

👉🏾 What are the experiences or moments in life when I felt most authentic and true to myself?

As you let go of your old self, you may discover that the journey of healing is not a linear process. It's a messy, unpredictable, and often uncomfortable path to navigate.

However, it's within this process that we rediscover our true selves, heal old wounds, and emerge stronger and more authentic than ever before.

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