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"How Do I Let the Emotions Go?"

A client asked me: "How do I let the emotions go? They just stick there."

Dealing with emotions is rarely straightforward; they can be sticky and hard to let go. Sometimes, we might think we want to release these emotions, but deep down, we might be reluctant because letting go can create a sense of emptiness.

Initially, the most crucial step is to become aware when something feels off.

Often, we don't notice our internal state until it's overwhelmed us. The first step, therefore, is to recognize that something within is stirring.

Let me guide you through the process:

Step One: Become the Observer

When uncomfortable feelings emerge, try not to push them away. Instead, take a moment to pause and simply observe. Pay attention to what's happening in your inner world.

Connect with yourself.

  • What sensations are present in your BODY?

  • What thoughts or emotions are coming up?

  • Where in your body can you feel these sensations?

  • Are there specific sensations like tightness or discomfort?

This step is about becoming aware of your internal experiences and acknowledging them without judgment.

▶ Step Two: Allow & Accept

In this phase, finding a safe, quiet place is crucial. When you sense something's off, retreat to a calm space without distractions.

Sit in stillness, fully allowing your emotions to surface.

It's like facing a tornado head-on, surrendering to the storm, fearlessly letting everything surface. This intensity is okay; it's a cleansing process, and you are safe to experience your emotions fully.

▶ Step Three: Letting Go of Emotions

After fully feeling your emotions, you'll likely experience relief and lightness.

It's crucial to recognize this lighter feeling. We often cling to pain because it's familiar, thinking we need to suffer or aren't ready to move on.

Once you've deeply felt your emotions and sense a shift towards lightness, allow this change to happen. You may still hurt, but something has shifted.

Now, focus on self-care and love.

Engage in activities that bring joy and comfort, like walking, cooking a healthy meal, listening to music, taking a hot bath, or dancing.

Physical movement, especially shaking your body, can help shift and let go of energy, emotions (energy in motion).

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