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Active Silent Retreat 

Compact 3-Day Active Silent Retreat

for Highly Senstive People



Contact: Stephanie Kollmann

        Fall 2023        dates coming soon.

A Silent Retreat is an invitation that encourages you to pause, to embrace the silence as you journey inwards with a beginner’s mind. This retreat is designed with the intention of facilitating mindfulness, loving-kindness practices, connection with our authentic self, and personal transformation.

This Silent Retreat includes a blend of guided meditation, silent practice, movement, sense and savor walks, mindful eating, and loving-kindness practice.

It is a rare and precious opportunity to focus exclusively on the most earnest questions of the heart and spend a few days in silence in a beautiful, natural setting on an organic farm. You will be nourished with wholesome food mostly grown on the farm.

When we cut ourselves off from social chatter and the endless flow of notifications coming from our phones and computers, we are given the opportunity to redirect our attention inward. We can notice our thoughts & feelings and process them in a constructive way. It may take a few days in silence to slowly create more space between the outer and inner worlds. When we quiet our minds deep calm, clarity, and awareness become accessible. This retreat provides a unique, supportive environment where it is possible to dive deeply into our own minds,  where it is safe to discover places within ourselves that we never visited in order to feel, let go and heal. The clarity, insight, healing, and inner peace available through these experiences can last far beyond the retreat itself, changing our lives for the better.


Get in touch for more information or to book your spot:


Stephanie Kollmann

The first day:

Arrive by 14:00 


Calling in silence

Participants are asked to make a sincere commitment to the standard of the retreat and remain in absolute silence until the process is brought to a close in the closing circle. 

During the retreat, any devices like phones/laptops, etc. are not allowed t be used. In any case of emergency, you have the opportunity to get support from one of the facilitators (where rules can be broken in consultation with the facilitator, without disturbing the rest of the group who remain silent).

Journaling is encouraged but no reading (no audio/books, magazines, etc.).

Through conscious movement offered as part of the retreat, deeper awareness can be created. It is envisaged that the participants will take part in all program points. The retreat is intentionally designed to help participants go deeper on their journey to self.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”-Rumi

What to Expect:


Guided Meditation & Silent Sitting

Silent Practice: Embrace the stillness as you engage in silent contemplation and self-reflection.

Movement: Discover the joy of mindful movement through gentle yoga and nature walks, connecting your body and mind.

Mindful Eating: You will be nourished with wholesome food mostly grown on the farm.

Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathing: Explore the power of your breath as a tool for self-healing.

 Powerful Benefits of being in Silence


Being in silence gives you courage.


Silence helps you to remember who you truly are.


Silence teaches you the value of words.


Silence helps you find peace of mind.


Silence helps you to open your heart.


Silence helps you tap into your soul’s wisdom.


Silence helps you to connect with yourself.


Silence makes you face your fears and suppressed feelings.


Silence teaches you to listen to yourself.


Silence sharpens your senses & intuition.


Who we are 

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